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Safety Tips to Follow While Using Your Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers used in the times of our parents or grandparents were nothing less than a nightmare. The stories of lids blowing off and curry flying to the ceiling haunt those who have witnessed it to this day. However, thanks to the advancements in technology we don’t have to worry about any of that with the pressure cookers of today. With multiple safety mechanisms incorporated into the design of the modern pressure cookers, the manufacturers have made absolutely certain that the lid will not come off and the pressure cooker will not become the reason for any harm to the user or the kitchen. In addition to ensuring your safety, they also cook your food 70% faster than most other tools, retain much of the nutrients in the food that would otherwise have been lost and also retain much of the moisture and flavor inside your meal. To make your pressure cooking experience even safer, here are a few safety tips you can follow:

Buy the latest model:

Do not purchase the outdated pressure cooker models available at flee stores. These are the old models which cannot guarantee you the safety that are available with the newer models. Also the parts of these old models might not be in top shape such as the gasket or the lid and you might not be able to find replacement for them in the market of today.

Read the instruction manual:

Since every pressure cooker is different in the safety features they include and also in their mechanism, you need to read the instruction manual properly to be able to understand properly how to use it. Only reading the manual will help you use it properly and safely so that you do not make any mistakes.

Check the gasket regularly:

The rubber gasket of the pressure cooker is the part which makes the seal between the lid and the base for the pressure cooker to function. It also requires much attention from your side to be able to maintain a proper seal.  You should keep it clean and check that it should not have any cracks and should be in proper shape. If you see any cracks or the rubber has de-shaped and does not make a proper seal any more, you will need to replace it.

Don’t overfill the pressure cooker:

You need to carefully measure the liquid that you add to the pressure cooker. Never overfill the pressure cooker because it can risk the food from sticking into the valves which can be problematic for the release of steam. In general, keep the liquid level below 2/3rd the maximum capacity of the pressure cooker.

Release the pressure properly:

Releasing the pressure is a crucial part in pressure cooking and needs to be carried out safely. Once you have turned the pressure cooker off, wait for all the pressure to subside before opening the lid.

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Important Considerations before Buying a Blender

Blenders these days are a great help in the kitchen as they can tremendously save your time and effort required for food preparation. It saves you time and allows you to do other tasks. It also gives the consistency your dough needs to make that perfect bread. On the other hand, choosing the right kitchen blender is a difficult task but has to be done cautiously to ensure that you get the right one according to your needs and preferences. This also necessitates the need of being vigilant before buying a blender. Here are some points that will help you while selecting a home blender that suits your needs.

  • First look over your kitchen size and your storage space. You can select countertop blenders if there is space for them in your kitchen. On the contrary, if there is no space for a preparation table in your kitchen then go for a hand-held or immersion blender. There are various hand-held blenders available in the market that can do the tasks of a counter-top blender.
  • You must also decide on the material of the blender jar which you think is appropriate for your household. Blender jars are available in three materials: glass, plastic, and polycarbonate. Polycarbonate blender jars are apparently the most suitable option as they combine the properties of plastic and glass. These jars are clear, light, and do not crack or break easily. You must select the material that best fits your kitchen needs and household. Look over the merits and demerits of each material of the blender jar. Plastic jars are unbreakable and cracks could be mend using adhesives however; they are more prone to cracking up in extreme temperatures. On the other hand, glass blender jars are clear but could break easily.

  • Look over the motor power of the blender you are considering to buy. Generally, blenders are available in the range of 250 watts to 2,237 watts. Commercial blenders are of higher motor power while domestic ones are of lower power. The more the motor power of a blender, the more efficient would it be. If you are unaware of checking the motor capacity or power, ask the sales representative for help.
  • Analyze the revolutions-per-minute or the speed of the blender blades. Speeds of the blenders generally range from 1 to 14. Typically, kitchen blender users prefer 1-3 speed range blenders.
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The Reasons to Own a Food Processor

Some of the biggest chefs of the world will tell you that a kitchen is not complete without a food processor. It is magical tool which can perform countless tasks for you making your work much simpler and faster in the kitchen. Instead of cutting, chopping, shredding or dicing vegetables by hand, you can simply shove them in the food processor and let the machine do the rest while you can do something else. Now isn’t that magical? That is not all because this single tool can knead dough, shred cheese, mix batter, whip cream and do much more for you! If you are still not convinced whether you really need to have a food processor in your kitchen or if it is simply a waste of your money, you will need to look at the list provided below. Here is a list of all the important reasons why your kitchen definitely needs a best food processor to increase its outcome:

Shredding cheese:

The purpose of a food processor is much more beyond making purees and sauces. Instead of shredding cheese by hand, you can save much time and effort by simply pressing a cold block of cheese through the feed chute into the food processor with the shredding disc attached in place. In only a minute you will get perfectly shredded cheese for your pasta or pizza.

Saves time:

The availability of a food processor can make even the most complex recipes simple to make. The job that would take you hours to complete using a knife and a bunch of other utensils won’t take more than a couple of minutes to complete using a food processor. It’s a huge time saver to have in a kitchen which is especially a blessing if you have a busy schedule.

Makes pie crust recipes simple to make:

If you have ever tried making pie crust by hand you would know how difficult it is to do so. Cutting and evenly incorporating chilled butter into the dry ingredients is not a simple task if done by hand. Using a food processor to incorporate all the ingredients will take merely minutes to complete and will save you from much trouble.

Grinding solid food:

The powerful motor of the commercial food processor are capable of blending solid ingredients in a snap without requiring any addition of liquids. You can prepare thick pastes, nut butter and dips without any trouble. Most of the good food processors will also be able to knead dough for you.

Simple to clean:

A food processor comes packed with multiple accessories to let you perform multiple processing tasks involved in a recipe. After completing all the different tasks that a recipe calls for, you can simply toss all the detachable parts into the dishwasher to be cleaned easily. You don’t have to go through the trouble of washing multiple utensils by hand as would be the case if you were performing the tasks without using a food processor.

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