Humminbird Portable Fish Finders: The Many Different Varieties

Great news! There is an array of Humminbird portable fish finders that you can choose from. What is even more exciting is that you can expect excellent fishing technologies right on these handy units. That leaves you with special Humminbird fishing system made on the go. What more can you ask for? Now, here are some of the best-selling portable fish finders courtesy of Humminbird technologies.

Smartcast RF15

Have you heard of wireless fishing system on the go? This is it! The Smartcast RF15 is fashioned in a lightweight package weighing less than three pounds. It is further equipped with high-resolution monochrome LCD for your viewing convenience. The best part is that, the unit can go wireless anytime you want. That is made possible by the Advanced Sonar Sensor. And the sonar sensor is highly programmable so you can choose between the two channels provided in the system. It is also waterproof so you can simply let it float on the water. As it is wireless, you don’t have to cling close to the sonar all the time. Just make sure you can stay within the parameters of wireless connectivity.

PiranhaMax 190C

If you are up for high-end fishing technologies on the go, the PiranhaMax 190C might be the right pick for you. It comes in a lightweight box weighing approximately two pounds. It is housed in a backpack so you can practically take it anywhere you wish to go. It is also equipped with 256 TFT Colour LCD to showcase crystal clear images. The Transflective Colour display optimizes viewing advantage under the direct light of the sun. Coupled by one-touch technology, you can easily access all fishing technologies in a single press of a button. That includes the Fish ID+, depth and fish alarms, zoom functions, and many more.

Fishin Buddy 140C

Great news! You can enjoy convenient fishing even on small boats. Thanks to the advent of Humminbird Fishin’ Buddy Series. It comes in a clamp-mounted form to facilitate user-friendly setup. That means you can finally get rid of wiring and rigging troubles. All you have to do is simply secure the clamp in place to get started. The package also includes the handy transducer tube for convenient fishing activity. In fact, you can further extend the 24-inch tube to its 40-inch maximum length. Sure, that would bring out a better depth range. And for crisp and clear imaging, you can feast your eyes on the Colour LCD display.