Silencer Paint Exhaust Systems and Silencers Require Heat and Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Silencer Paint
Silencers are made to provide solutions to customers’ acoustic, emission, and filtration control issues for engines and air movement equipment. The selection of the correct type of engine intake and exhaust silencer is determined by the type of engine, the end use of the engine and the degree of silencing required. These silencers can get hot while in use while also getting surface rust and corrosion due to weathering and high operating temperatures. Silencers are used in different industries and come in many types.

Power Generation
Silencers are used in this Industry manufactured for acoustic, emission and filtration purposes for gas turbines and diesel engines in stationary and portable power generation applications. These silencers are used for noise control, structural integrity, back pressure minimization, thermal management, emissions treatment and flow distribution optimization.

Oil & Gas
Silencers are manufactured for oil and gas exploration, distribution and processing. These are used for all air and exhaust needs. Examples of these are exhaust, vent, blower, emission treatment systems. Turbines engines and compressors are used by pipelines and distributors to move product or boost the powder from one station to the other. Meeting noise and emission requirements while achieving the maximum production is critical. Silencers in the oil and gas industries these stations will generate a large amount of noise and emissions which can be bothersome and hazardous to the residents within the area and workers on the job site. Excessive dust, moisture, salt water and heat are also created with these systems.

Silencers and exhaust systems are also produced for marine applications. The marine market which is large and diverse has all different types of needs with small power boats, yachts and to large tankers and government combat ships. Each vessel has a different mean of propulsion which is structured around a gas or steam turbine (boiler) or a diesel engine. Marine exhaust systems require inlet air to make sure the highest power output is maintained while keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Silencers and Exhaust systems are also made for locomotives. The need for this industry is cost effective acoustic, emission and filtration system design and production.

Industrial Processing
Noise control, exhaust, silencers and air filtration systems are manufactured for industrial processing industries worldwide. These systems are usually manufactured customized to the needs of the end user. Air moving equipment such as blowers, engines, pumps and compressors generate noise which is irritating and hazardous. Noise is common to other industries such as consumer goods, water treatment, plastics, power, paper, material handling, chemicals, food and beverage processing.