Things to Know in Online Gaming

Rudeness, vulgarity, lack of sportsmanship and bad manners are the unfortunate fact in all online games. That’s how it is! When you decide to connect to a free online game, you will see many of those attitudes.

As you know, most people are anonymous online and can sometimes work a lot during the construction site. Especially when they let their emotions take over the mouse and keyboard! But still, that is no reason for them to shed any impression of courtesy or good manners. Not to mention, to keep the game going, they will use cheats and exploits.

Here are some bad manners that you will find in most MMORPGs.

Calling everyone Noob! Get used to keeping this word. It’s a funny thing, when a person is new to a game, they cannot be expected to instantly become familiar  with the details, nuances, jargon, term or acronyms of the games. This guy definitely needs help! And calling him “noobs” and then walking away is just a bad way.

Spammers! Here’s the deal, you found a very rare item. And you want to sell it, but thanks to all those spammers flooding the chat system with WTS or unnecessary chats, your message will get lost along the way! Don’t retaliate by hitting the system with WTS too, it wouldn’t be good. Be patient and repeat your messages every 5-10 seconds! Just don’t spam.

And another thing left your fingers on the shift key of your keyboard. You see, from the day of the first eve on the Internet, just a no-brainer write all capital letters in the chat system! This type of talk is basically barking at someone. Do not use capital letters when you are chatting! There is no one in the world who wants to be yelled at.